Dr. Joe Esposito

Rankrezz transforms Dr. Joe's online presence, enhancing his digital footprint with a modern, engaging website design that boosts traffic, improves search engine rankings, and connects clients seeking natural health solutions.
dr joe case study

Project Overview

At Rankrezz, we are honored to work with Dr. Joe, whose personal journey of witnessing his father’s transformation through chiropractic care inspired a lifelong mission to help others achieve wellness. Dr. Joe’s story began with a profound realization of how chiropractic adjustments relieved his father’s pain and restored his quality of life. Our goal is to elevate Dr. Joe’s online presence, focusing on enhancing his digital footprint, driving website traffic, and improving search engine rankings to connect with individuals seeking effective, natural health solutions.

Project Highlights

  • 100k+ Followers in 6 Months: Rapid social media growth with over 100,000 new followers.
  • 270% Increase in Conversion Rate: Boosted conversion rate by 270%.
  • Improved Customer Journey: Enhanced website user experience and engagement.
  • Page Speed Up by 450%: Increased page speed by 450%


Dr. Joe had an underperforming website that failed to convey his chiropractic expertise and attract new clients. He needed a modern, engaging site that highlighted his services and success stories.


We redesigned Dr. Joe’s website to effectively showcase his chiropractic expertise and improve online engagement. The new site features a modern design, clear messaging, and user-friendly navigation to attract new clients and highlight his unique chiropractic services.

Visual Results.






The Results

  • Gained deeper insights into patient preferences and behavior.
  • Enhanced tracking and optimization of advertising campaigns.
  • Implemented automated processes to streamline client acquisition and retention efforts.