Wise Guys Gaming

Rankrezz partners with Wiseguys Gaming, a leading provider of high-quality gaming PCs, enhancing their online visibility to boost website traffic and improve search engine rankings, ensuring gamers can invest confidently in top-tier products.

wise guys gaming case study

Project Overview

Rankrezz is thrilled to collaborate with Wiseguys Gaming, your premier source for high-quality gaming PCs. Wiseguys Gaming offers a top-tier selection of custom and pre-built gaming PCs, including their popular Quantum and Eclipse models. With a commitment to excellence, Wiseguys Gaming provides superior products backed by a 5-year warranty and expert, unbiased advice from true gaming enthusiasts. Their experienced team and industry connections allow them to offer the best prices without sacrificing quality, along with a promise of fast delivery. Our role at Rankrezz is to elevate Wiseguys Gaming’s online presence, focusing on increasing website traffic and improving search engine rankings to help gamers invest in their future with confidence.

Project Highlights

  • Used Brand Colours: Incorporated Wiseguys Gaming’s distinctive brand colours throughout the website design to strengthen brand identity and create a cohesive visual experience.
  • New Logo: Prominently featured the new Wiseguys Gaming logo to reflect the company’s refreshed brand image and appeal to the gaming community.
  • Brand Gradient: Applied a custom brand gradient to enhance visual appeal and unify the design across all digital platforms.
  • Main Services: Clearly outlined Wiseguys Gaming’s core services, including custom and pre-built gaming PCs, to effectively communicate their offerings to potential customers.
  • Before & After Comparisons: Showcased before and after comparisons to demonstrate the improvements made to the website’s design, functionality, and overall user experience.
  • Effective CTAs: Designed and placed compelling Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to drive engagement, encourage purchases, and guide visitors towards key actions on the site.
  • Expertise Representation: Creating a website that accurately reflects Kempner’s deep knowledge and expertise in shrinkwrap systems and supplies, positioning them as industry leaders.
  • Competitive Edge: Updating the brand’s online presence to match or exceed the functionality and appeal of competitors in the shrinkwrap systems market.
  • SEO Enhancement: Improving search engine rankings to increase visibility and attract potential clients within the competitive industry.
  • Information Management: Effectively communicating a wide range of services and products without overwhelming visitors with excessive technical details.


Expertise Emphasis: Designed the website to prominently showcase Wise Guys Gaming’s extensive industry knowledge. Clear messaging and well-organized content highlighted their leadership in custom and pre-built gaming PCs, establishing them as authoritative experts.
Competitive Edge Integration: Developed the website with modern features and functionalities to surpass competitors. Innovative design elements and user-friendly features ensured Wise Guys Gaming stayed ahead in the competitive landscape.
SEO-Centric Development: Implemented comprehensive SEO best practices, optimizing content, meta-data, and site structure. This strategic approach enhanced Wise Guys Gaming’s visibility in search engine results, attracting more potential clients.
Information Architecture: Developed a clear and intuitive information architecture to manage and present a broad range of products. Created distinct pages for each gaming PC model, making it easy for visitors to find the information they needed without being overwhelmed by technical details.

Visual Results.






The Results

  • Enhanced insights into customer preferences and behavior.
  • Improved tracking and optimization of ad performance to boost conversions.
  • Streamlined and automated sales and marketing processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.